Gulet for Sale

Gulets For Sale

Gulets for sale since year 2000 west system epoxy lamination has been a breakthrough in Turkish gulet building industry.

Starting from the laminated keel to each and every frame and the hull lamination has been epoxy glued with 10 mm thin layers of mahogany in diagonal and transversal layers which makes the wooden hull a block of monohull completely bonded and reinforced with fiber epoxy.

The highest quality rigging materials and spectra sails as well as twin diesel engines to perform as a displacement motor sailers.

Turkish traditional Gulets for sale are mostly located in southwestern Turkish riviera and the neighbouring greek islands where the gulets are the rolls royce of the blue cruise yachts.

Gulets for Sale Please feel free to communicate with us whether looking for a small family size liveaboard gulet for sale or large luxurious gulets for sale with commercial yacht charter business in mind. Gulet for Sale Traditional Turkish Gulet for sale happens to be considered as small boutique hotels with utmost crew attention onboard.

Gulets For Sale

Newly wed honeymooners or a group of friends and family whatever size you might need. A gulet can serve as liveaboard or a successful commercial business as charter gulets.

Gulet for Sale In the good old days Most wooden gulets were built with carvel planking system and caulking (calfatage) in between horizontal plankings nailed onto the frames,

At the beginning of 80’s there was a only daily yacht tours and excursions in southwestern Turkish riviera where a small number of fortunate few tourists were enjoying small gulets for a day out either for swimming or fishing in beautiful mediterranean and Aegean waters. Gulets For SaleIn the recent 30 years gulets for sale and Luxury gulet charter in Turkey industry has changed radically and the growth in demand for leisure yachting and cultural Exchange created an increasing demand for entertainment products and small boutique hotel size Turkish gulet for sale have brought new ways of yachting experiencing and Blue cruise excursions in both Turkish and greek islands resorts.

By the end of the 1990’s in response to these new developing, multicultural trends, a new type of yachts became more popular amongst holiday makers in Turkey which is called the Turkish Gulets.

These wooden gulets for sale of outstanding Elegance, beauty, inspired by traditioinal boat building lines and where the hard wood is the principal Gulet building elements.

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