Gulets For Sale

Gulets For Sale


Goelette, goleta, Caicco, gullet or we call them Turkish Gulets, these elegant Gulets for sale were modeled after the traditional cargo ships and fishing boats of the Aegean and eastern mediterranean Sea, designed to take advantage of the excellent sunny weather and soft breezes of the Mediterranean.

To enjoy the chrystal clear blue waters surrounded with lush gren pine forests with stable,

Comfortable and spacious cabins offered with luxury amenities and water toys to Enjoy the Mediterranean sun on board a gulets for sale in secluded bays and spend the night in awesome coves or mooring in a small well sheltered port to make your Holiday incomparable and unforgettable one.

Gulets For Sale

Gulets For Sale


Asking for advice, to yacht’s first buyers, is quite important. In fact, this is what we do in our company for our customers’ satisfaction.

We tell them about good things that they would take into consideration when thinking of selling a gulets for sale in Turkey. As for now,

we can tell about main things that you should check or that you should look at when deciding to buy one luxury Turkish gulets for sale.

You can start from the anchor and the chains of the anchor. Look at the ropes and make sure that they are in good condition.

Then you can check for the furniture and amenities on board whether there is any problem. You can visit every cabin and check in person for anything that you think that it needs a kind of modification.

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