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Gulet Charter

Gulet Charter

Luxury Gulet Charter in Turkey and the Greek islands including but not limited to Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, all you need is to contact us via e-mail or by phone and let us know how many guests you would like to accommodate, when and where exactly so that we can propose to you the number of alternatives which are available in that region and suitable gulet charter and gulet building in Turkey for you and your loved ones.

Gulets can be classified as low budget or standard without air-conditioning, luxury gulet with airconditioning and water toys, ultra-luxury gulets with 5-star hotel amenities, and many water toys. In order to think of your choice of cruising in the Turkish Riviera, you need to check our portfolio which has numerous sizes and designs that might agree with your taste.

You can check that the budget that you have already devoted for your gulet charter in Turkey is close to the pricing asked for the same gulet you have chosen. For questions that you might have for your next holiday, you can send us an email to tell us about your own features that you have in mind in terms of your gulet charter in the Turkish Riviera.

Our agents are capable of speaking English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, French, and other international languages. – Gulet building in Turkey

A 13 cabin gulet charter is a very rare option, as it is one of the largest gulet available and can accommodate a large group of guests, up to 26-28. With 13 cabins, there is ample space and privacy for guests, as well as more options for sleeping arrangements.

The extra cabins can also be used as dedicated cabins for children or as a private cabins for a larger group.

An 13 cabin gulet charter can provide a wide range of amenities and features to accommodate the large group of guests. Some gulets may have additional outdoor living spaces or entertainment areas, such as a Jacuzzi or bar, to provide more options for relaxation and entertainment during the trip.

The gulet may also have a more spacious salon, dining area, and deck space to accommodate a larger group of guests.

Furthermore, a 13 cabin gulet charter can also provide more flexibility in terms of destinations and itineraries.

With a larger group, it is possible to explore more remote or exclusive locations that may not be accessible to smaller boats. Additionally, the charter can be customized to include a wider variety of activities and experiences to suit the interests of the guests.

It’s worth noting that a 13 cabin gulet charter may be one of the largest in size and have more advanced equipment, which can provide better stability, more comfort, and more on-board facilities. This can be an added advantage to the overall experience.

These gulets are quite rare and may not be available in all regions but if you find one you will have the luxury of having a large group of guests, a luxurious sailing experience, and all the amenities you need.

Lastly, an 13 cabin gulet charter can be particularly well suited for large corporate events, family reunions, and group vacations where the guests want to spend quality time together while enjoying a luxurious sailing experience.

With the extra space and amenities provided by a 13 cabin gulet charter, the guests can enjoy a comfortable, luxurious, and stress-free sailing experience.

It’s worth noting that a 14 cabin gulet charter may be one of the largest and most luxurious in size and have advanced equipment and facilities, such as a gym, sauna, and spa. This can provide a truly unique and exclusive sailing experience for the guests.

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