Luxury Gulet for Sale

Luxury Gulet for Sale


Bodrum Built, top of the line quality luxury gulet for sale can laugh at luxury motor yachts of the same size since Luxury Gulets for sale in Turkey has very spacious deck space and cabins compared to motor yachts.

Private or Commercial use, you name it we have it, please donot hesitate to contact us to fullfil your dreams, Just let us know the size of the gulet and your approx budget, let us propose you the most convenient Gulet which might be built especially for you.

We offer newly-built gulet, second hand and custom built gulets in our luxury gulet for sale Bodrum portfolio. You might be considering buying a gulet for your coming business that you are going to run very soon! We are here to help you by advice and support as well.

Luxury Gulet for Sale

Luxury Gulet for Sale


We are a group of captains who are experienced in the marine industry and have been for more than three decades serving clients in the whole world.
If you are looking for a seaworthy vessel to start a business in Bodrum, then you have come to the right place.

Our boatyard in Bodrum has been years building and delivering luxury gulet to clients from Australia, France, Russia, the United States, Bahamas Islands, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries.

Our luxury gulet for sale Bodrum boatyard has delivered hundreds of luxury gulets, yachts, catamarans, and other luxury Gulet to clients of different countries from the whole world.

Our professional stuff has been here since 1980s working, living and serving clients with full care and attention.
When decided on buying a steel gulet for sale Bodrum, you can send us an email telling about what you have in mind, then we can arrange a meeting in Bodrum and take you in a small trip in Bodrum then go together to the boatyard to meet the naval that concern your gulets.

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